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The North School Farm - Spring Fair 2017 - The North School Farm's famous Spring fair is taking place on Saturday 22nd April 2017, 10am-4pm.  - Read More

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"Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon." - Doug Larson

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"I enjoy values because it is an interesting subject and gets you involved in learning." - Year 8

"I like learning about all the different religions." - Year 9

"I enjoyed learning about other religions and cultures in my values lessons." - Year 9


Through values, your child is learning valuable life skills which support other curriculum subjects.    The skills they will learn are how to voice their opinions, how to debate and discuss issues giving examples with written responses.   The students enjoy the opportunity to discuss topics and concepts that they may not have approached in other subjects.  The rewards of these lessons are to enable the students to be more adaptable to the world beyond school, in preparation for working life and all this brings.   Students are intrigued to learn about the varied topics we covered and we enjoy seeing the students use what they have learnt and develop their own opinions and ideas.  


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Year 9 RS – New GCSE examined in summer 2018. AQA board, 100% examined based content.

Year 10 RS – Edexcel  GCSE RE Unit 1 and 8.  100% examined in summer 2017.

Year 11 RS – OCR Spec B, 100% examined in summer 2016.  Four units, 2 in philosophy and 2 in ethics. 


Edexcel GCSE Health and Social Care.

Unit 1 Understanding personal development and relationships – examination worth 40% of final grade.

Unit 2 Exploring health, social care and early years provision – controlled assessment worth 60% of final grade.