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North School Buddy Programme


This July The North School hosted a group of students from China

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Modern Foreign Languages

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way." - Frank Smith

Student View

"I like learning a language because I can use my creativity and complete group work." - Year 8

"I like learning French as a GCSE because it enables me to widen my vocabulary and it will help me when I leave school." - Key stage 4​

"My favourite thing about Spanish is that I am learning to speak another language and it is a challenge for me." - Year 9

"Mi cosa favorita del español es que es muy útil en las vacaciones y cuando viajo." - Key stage 4


Languages are really important in the world in which we live and give you great skills for the rest of your life. Languages provide the opportunity to develop your communication skills and your understanding of other cultures and societies. Knowing a language enhances your employment prospects and makes foreign travel easier. Within the modern foreign language department, you are able to learn French or Spanish and participate in interactive lessons which develop a range of skills.

Languages really are the passport to your future. Imagine the people from all over the world you could communicate, blog and network with.  All the amazing places you could travel to or work at and all because you can speak their language.


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Edexcel GCSE French and Edexcel GCSE Spanish.

Students study language across a range of topics such as healthy lifestyle, media, family and relationships.

The assessment is split across the four key skill areas and is a mix of controlled assessment and final examination as follows: listening 20% final examination, speaking 30% controlled assessment, reading 20% final examination, writing 30% controlled assessment.

Extra-curricular/OSL opportunities


OSL sessions are available throughout the week for all year groups, as detailed below:

KEY STAGE 4 French Thursday

KEY STAGE 4 Spanish Monday

KEY STAGE 3 French and Spanish Wednesday.

In addition, teachers are available to organise one to one session with individual students on request. 

Further opportunities to practise learning are available online through the online homework system and through linguascope. Please see your class teacher for log in details.

Buddy programme

Each year we welcome groups of students to study in our school for two weeks. The students may come from as near as Spain or as far away as Taiwan. The foreign student is buddied with one of our students, who support them across the timetable of lessons. This is a great opportunity for the school community to learn about new ways of life and embrace new cultures and for the students to develop as individuals.