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A Level Results - Congratulations to our sixth form students on their great results. This year’s results were improved even further on last years in every measure, so well done to all of you. The North School is very proud of you! - Read More

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Law and Psychology

"If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable" - Louis D Brandles

Student View

"I enjoy law and all of the opportunities it offers. It is challenging but rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in the legal system." - Year 12 student

"Psychology is great for understanding why some people are the way they are." - Year 13 student​

"Law is a challenging but a very interesting subject. There are a wide variety of topics, which are really enjoyable and extremely useful." - Year 12 student


Psychology offers you the opportunity to learn about the science behind the way we think and behave. Students will learn how research is conducted and used to develop theories and laws about human behaviour. This will be achieved by exploring the different approaches to psychology; social, developmental, cognitive, biological and psychodynamic. Topics covered at GCSE include obedience, attachment, phobias and criminal behaviour. Topics covered at A Level include relationships, aggression and memory.

Law develops the knowledge and understanding of the English legal system, building an awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals.  It helps students develop their analytical and critical thinking skills, requiring them to apply their knowledge of legal rules and methods to different case scenarios. Topics covered at GCSE include fatal and non-fatal offences, theft, robbery and burglary and family law (marriage, divorce and inheritance).   Topics covered at A Level include parliamentary law making, the concept of liability and criminal offences against people and property.

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Law and psychology are academically challenging subjects.  Each course is 100% externally examined, requiring students to learn an extensive amount of information and apply this under the pressure and time constraints of a number of exams.

OCR GCSE psychology is assessed via three exams at the end of Year 11.

AQA GCSE law is assessed via two exams at the end of Year 11

AQA AS psychology is assessed via two exams at the end of Year 12

AQA A Level psychology is assessed via three exams at the end of Year 13.

AQA AS law is assessed via two exams at the end of Year 12

AQA A Level law is assessed via four exams, two at the end of Year 12 and two at the end of Year 13

Extra-curricular/OSL opportunities

Psychology revision/catch-up club - Wednesday and Thursday 3.05-4pm in AG5.

Law revision/catch-up club - lunchtimes in AG3.

Each clubs offers an opportunity for students to;

•    catch up on any work they may have missed

•    receive additional support in topics they have found particularly challenging

•    practise their exam technique