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The North School Farm - Spring Fair 2017 - The North School Farm's famous Spring fair is taking place on Saturday 22nd April 2017, 10am-4pm.  - Read More

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"Historians are gossips who tease the dead." - Voltaire

Student View

"I like History and it is important to remember the past as it affects the present" - Dan, year 7​

"History is lots of fun." - Emily, year 8

"I enjoy learning about the past." - Isabel, year 7

"The past makes us who we are." - Callum, year 8


Welcome to the history department!  Our motto is “where the past shapes your future” this is because we truly believe that history is one of the most important subjects that a young person can study. We teach an all-encompassing programme from the Romans all the way through to the end of World War Two at key stage 3. At GCSE, students learn about the history of medicine as well as the rise of the Nazi party in Germany.

We occupy a discrete teaching area within the school with modern well-resourced classrooms each equipped with a laptop computer and projector. The department also enjoys access to a shared ICT suite.

This enables staff to make teaching and learning fun and up-to-date.

Our subject area lends itself to active learning and we utilise a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies which include educational visits, decision-making activities, enquiry based projects and ICT.

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GCSE AQA History A: Schools History Project

A level: AQA History

Extra-curricular/OSL opportunities

Key stage 4 Friday after school and Monday /Tuesday lunchtimes

Key stage 3 Wednesday afterschool ‘History Club’