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"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." - Rudyard Kipling

Student View

"You have the freedom to write as much as you want and in as much detail as you want." - Jess, Year 7

"I can’t believe that I quote Shakespeare without even realising it!" - Steven

"English is a world you can get lost in: it’s just like Narnia" - Chloe


History? Geography? RE? Sport? Philosophy & Ethics? Law? Psychology? Science? Art?  Study them all in English.  What is your passion?  Study it in English.  If you want to be smart, you need English.  Can you name a subject where you don’t need to read, write or speak?  No?  Then you need to be skilled in English! English opens doors.  English teachers are passionate about reading because we see the whole of our world; where we come from and where we are going in the pages of our favourite books.  We aim to teach our students to enjoy reading.  Readers perform better in all subjects because they have greater background knowledge and understanding of the world; they find research and revision easier; they are articulate and are able to express ideas and opinions in writing.  Good communication is the key to progression and this is what we teach in English language. Many careers require an empathetic understanding of the world around us and the people we encounter; English literature teaches this.  English takes students on a journey; join our journey! 

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Year 11   

English Language iGCSE

Exam 40% of final grade

Coursework (completed by January) 40% of final grade

Oral coursework (completed in March/April) 20% of final mark    English Literature GCSE (Edexcel) 11M1 and 11E2 only

Exam 1 – Prose (‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Of Mice and Men’)

Exam 2 – Poetry

Coursework – Drama (‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘An Inspector Calls’) completed by January 2016

English Literature Certificate (Edexcel) 11M2, 3, 4 and 11E2, 3, 4

Exam 1 – Drama and Prose (‘Romeo and Juliet’ or ‘An Inspector Calls’ and ‘Of Mice and Men’)

Exam 2 – Poetry (Anthology and Unseen)


(A2)    English Literature    AQA

80% exam, 20% coursework

Study poetry, prose (pre-1900 and modern), Shakespeare and learn how to critically assess a range of texts

Film Studies    WJEC

50% coursework, 50% exam

Studies include:

Varieties of Film Experience: Issues and Debates

Film and emotional response

National Cinema Study

Focus Film Study

Media Studies    WJEC

75% exam, 75% coursework

Study and analysis of a range of texts from an array of eras including magazines, documentaries, film, advertising, computer games and television. Create media texts in a number of different forms

Extra-curricular/OSL opportunities

Year 11: Wednesday afternoons 3:00 – 3:50 pm.  Term 2 and 3: OSL will focus on improving written coursework.  All Year 11 students are invited to attend but must register an interest for the session through their English teacher.  Students will aim to complete coursework to one grade above their English language expected grade.  Additional coursework sessions are offered in Monday and Tuesday tutor time and lunchtime.