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Staff Development Day Friday 28th April 2017 - Friday 28th April 2017 - Read More


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Staff Development Day Friday 28th April 2017


Friday 28th April 2017

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SwaleFest - 28 April 2017


Venue: Westlands School, Sittingbourne, Kent

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The North School Farm - Spring Fair 2017


The North School Farm's famous Spring fair is taking place on Saturday 22nd April 2017, 10am-4pm. 

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World Book Day 2017


Staff and students celebrated World Book Day on 2nd March.

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Staff Development Day Friday 28th April 2017


Please note that the school will be closed to students on Friday 28th April 2017.

Students should return to school on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 after the bank holiday on Monday 1st May 2017.


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SwaleFest - 28 April 2017



SwaleFest has arisen from collaborative projects and successful network meetings across Swale Academies Trust. Its vision, produced through exhilarating debates around teaching and learning, will celebrate the evolution of pedagogy in the form of a lively and stimulating education festival which will bring together professionals, educational leaders and teachers from across the Trust.

“This event is a celebration of exciting teaching and learning from around our Trust. It will be the first of many opportunities for our staff from across Kent and East Sussex to participate, share ideas and forge new partnerships.”  Derek Trimmer, Director of Secondary.

This one day event will take on the traditional features of an education conference with contributions from Keynote speakers such as Steve Munby CBE, CEO Education Development Trust, Dominic Herrington, Regional Schools Commissioner- South East England and South London, Priya Lakhani, Founder of CENTURY-Tech, Lord Jim Knight, Chief Education Adviser and David Crossley, Executive Director Whole Education. The festival with 600+ delegates will comprise of live debates, inspirational key note speakers and various teacher-led workshops.



“We see it as inventive professional development for staff to share best practice and network with their peers. Teaching can be isolated - we want to change this and expand opportunities for the hero in the classroom to shine. We have an impressive line-up of key speakers from the world of education as well as practical workshops run for teachers by teachers.” 

These workshops will challenge established norms, engage in lively, cutting edge critical debates to give teachers the freedom to question and intellectual space to define a new professionalism fit for the 21st century.

SwaleFest will be held at Westlands School, Sittingbourne, Kent - 28 April 2017.

SwaleFest is a showcase of excellence across the Trust and will be a scene-setter of what is going on in Teaching and Learning throughout the organisation.

Read more about Swale Academies Trust


The North School Farm - Spring Fair 2017


The North School Farm's famous Spring fair is taking place on Saturday 22nd April 2017, 10am-4pm. 

Adult Entry: £2.00

Child Entry: £1.00


For more information or to see the flyer, click here


World Book Day 2017


Staff and students celebrated World Book Day on 2nd March. The staff from the English department took the opportunity to dress as their favourite book character, whilst year 7 were treated to a book reading by members of The North Shadows book group.


There were also a number of competitions, including the challenge to create a book cover for your favourite book. 


The winning entries were produced by Giselle Desseaux, Year 7 and Isobel Jeffrey Year 9.



The year 8 winner of the book cover competition is Sophia Scott Winham.


The staff from the English department took the opportunity to dress as their favourite book character.




Secondary Offer Day 2017


Following National Offer Day, we are pleased that your child has been offered The North School and we look forward to welcoming you to our school.

We now await your Pink Acceptance/Refusal form (deadline Thursday 16th March 2017) and request that you also provide the following supporting documentation as proof of address supplied in your application.


If you are accepting the offer please be aware the school may request 2 pieces of evidence that support the address supplied in your application for you AND your child. Examples of acceptable evidence include….

One of the following

Council Tax statement

Signed Tenancy Agreement or Exchange of Contracts/Completion document

And one of the below…

Child/Working Tax Credit / Child Benefit /JSA / Disability Benefit Letter or Statement

Driving Licence

Schedule of Motor Insurance

Utility bills such as Gas/Water/Electric/Sky/Virgin Media/BT/Broadband etc


Hospital or Doctor appointment letter

Please Note - The Admissions Authority reserves the right to request further supporting documentation where it believes the evidence provided is insufficient to prove residence at the application address.


Exciting Events In Science


On the 17th January 2017 The North School teamed up with Canterbury Christ Church University PCGE students for an exciting day filled with experiments and learning.

Student teachers on the PGCE 11 -18 programme at Canterbury Christ Church University have been working as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) ambassadors in a joint venture with Kent and Medway Stem. As part of their development, senior lecturers from the University have been supporting the post-graduate student teachers as they take their programme of workshops across the country. The North School were lucky enough to be chosen.

Eighteen PCGE students delivered some fantastic engaging activities that they had developed to engage and enhance the learning and social skills of Year 7 students.

The morning began with the PCGE students setting up activities - these included dressing for the occasion, wearing costumes related to different lessons. Cat Woman, astronauts and even Harry Potter was in the equation!

During the sessions, six classrooms offered a variety of tasks ranging from Mathematical quests, problem solving, treasure hunts, checking pulse rate, stamina test ‘Who likes to be cold?’, lung capacity, building spaceships and making potions that Harry Potter could use. 

Throughout the each session the pupils were fully engaged and each room you visited was buzzing with enthusiasm from the students. The atmosphere was wonderful; other year groups that were not involved were keen to investigate what was going on and wanted to take part. The students were amazing and their positive engagement was noted by the PGCE students who had organised the activities for the day.

Feedback from students:

“I liked the way they mixed up Science and Maths with the theme”

 “Fun, really enjoyable, amazing actors. Harry Potter gave me the feeling that a colossal troll was stomping through Hogwarts. I felt like I was transported to Hogwarts”

 “…would have loved it to be the whole day…”

 “…I learnt a lot from them and I really enjoyed it…”


By Miss Charlotte Connell KS3 Science Coordinator





Premier Foods Link


Our links with Premier Foods have enabled us to enrich the curriculum of our Business Studies students.  This project was the culmination of a long term assignment which allowed our students to apply classroom theory to a genuine task set and delivered by Premier Foods.  The task gave students the opportunity to move away from the classroom and experience the work undertaken by a variety of different departments within a large local organisation.   It has allowed our students to demonstrate their ability in a unique way, taking them out of their comfort zone whilst preparing them for a career beyond school.

Kentish Express Article - Apprentice-style students given taste of big business

Premier Food Links with the North School

Developing Employability Skills



School partnership with Premier Foods and IGD



Students from The North School recently displayed their impressive business and design skills in front of a high-powered panel of judges from a local company.

The BTEC Level 3 Business Studies students found themselves presenting their ideas for a new product to a panel of experts from Premier Foods in the latest stage of our successful ‘Adopt a School’ project.

The project is a unique partnership between the school, Kennington-based Premier Foods and research and training charity IGD - the Institute of Grocery Distribution.

After a first session in which a team from Premier Foods’ human resources department visited the school to work on CV writing and interview techniques with a group of Year 10s, the company’s Innovations Team took up the challenge of working with the Year 13 business studies group.

After outlining how the company – which makes Batchelors Cup A Soup - uses market research, innovation, product development and new lines to stay ahead of its competitors, the team set our teenagers a challenge.

The students were asked to come up with their own soup variety, carry out market testing, design the packaging and put forward marketing proposals for their product – a task they tackled brilliantly, supported by Vernice Lamberton, the school’s Careers Manager and Sixth Form Finance and Business Administration tutor.

At the follow up session our groups addressed a panel of Premier Foods experts with their plans for a range of products, from roast dinner flavoured soup to sweet soup flavours and chocolate on a stick.

IGD Engagement Manager Karine Barsam said IGD was keen to engage with young people who might be looking for a career in the industry, while Vernice said it had been “an amazing experience”. She thanked the Premier Foods team for “their inspirational work with a great set of pupils”.

18 year-old Lauren Best said presenting to the panel had initially been “terrifying”, but added that it had been a really great experience.

I loved the way we were able to take our learning outside the classroom and apply it to a real business model. I’ve learned a lot and I think this is a fantastic initiative,” she said.

The good news for Lauren and our other pupils is that the aim is for the partnership to continue, with more joint initiatives already being discussed.



Year 7 Homework - Castle Challenge


Our year 7 students  undertook their history homework challenge with enthusiasm this term. The challenge required students to design and create their own medieval castle. The standard of the castles we received was exceptional and most students went above and beyond the requirements of the task. We had a range of styles, layouts and materials and our department is now beautifully decorated with their hard work.  Well done year 7. 

Here are some pictures of their creations:






Auschwitz Trip


Lessons from Auschwitz is a programme established by the Holocaust Educational Trust, where it gives the opportunity to two students from each school participating to be a part of the programme. The programme consists of two seminars and the trip to Poland. The first seminar is where you meet your Educator and your group; it is where discussions are had and opinions and views voiced on the Holocaust. We were fortunate enough to also be able to meet and talk to a Holocaust survivor, Steve Frank.  It was very interesting to listen to him and learn what it was like for him as a ten year old to live in Auschwitz and be one of only seventy three children to survive. Steve Frank mentioned something that hit home with many of the students – “each day the amount of children were getting less and less until you could count them all on your hands.”

The visit to Auschwitz 1 and Auschwitz-Birkenau gave all the students the opportunity to be present in the grounds where such tragic events occurred. This gave us a real life perspective on what the people went through. As we approached the end of Auschwitz-Birkenau the guides left us in a room where thousands of photographs hung on walls; these were photos which had been brought and hung by people as keep-sakes of themselves and their families. These photos were a way of showing the human side to the victims and stopped them being seen as just a number in a graph, on a map, in a textbook, on a shelf - left to gather dust.

Many years later, a poem was found within the soil of Auschwitz-Birkenau written by one of the Nazi Guard, it read “I only had one job, it had to be fulfilled.” Later on, investigators also discovered many other letters and poems that had been written and left by the Jews in the hope that they would be found and read one day. 

Any thoughts people have about what Auschwitz is like are completely different to the reality of it. When you first step into Auschwitz you know immediately that your expectations were wrong. No one can imagine what it was like and the just the scenery surrounding the camp helps to explain it all; it is eerie and uninhabited.

Being open minded helps when processing all of the information being communicated throughout the tour. We ourselves knew very little about the Holocaust and were therefore open to hearing as much as possible in the little time we were there, but it turned out that the words we heard were not what affected us the most, it was what we saw!  Any thoughts of what we imagined we would see were gone and we were left feeling shell shocked.

Rabbi Garson spoke to everyone at the end of the day and he couldn’t have been more inspirational. He spoke about three things - fear, hunger and evil.  Do we really understand what those words mean today, because for the Jews those words came to have a very different definition? What we feel as fear isn’t the same as the fear they felt - when we think we are starving, they were actually starving and how whatever we believe evil is, they saw true evil.  Realisation of these facts hit home to us at that point, not only where these people tortured and killed, but they were dehumanised as well.

The atmosphere travelling back was the complete reverse of the journey there. Small conversations were heard between new friends all processing the day and sharing their thoughts. The groups went from chatty and humorous to quiet and thoughtful; no one could immediately process what they had seen and to be honest nobody really wanted to believe it.





Sixth Form News - Volume 1, Issue 1


The first issue of the Sixth Form News is now available.

Sixth Form News - Volume 1, Issue 1


Christmas Boxes for the Salvation Army


Today, we welcomed representatives from the Salvation Army into our school in order to receive the donations of food and gifts from students.  As part of our drive to become more aware of the community around us, we encouraged tutors groups to produce a Christmas box to be given to the less fortunate in our neighbourhood.  This campaign was twofold, gifts and food. This enabled our students to become self-aware as well as charitable during the Christmas period, when the more vulnerable in our society are suffering more than at other times throughout the year. 

Christmas boxes were donated from many different students. Some of these even donated large bags of food for families using their own pocket money.  Special acknowledgement and thanks should be given to these students along with all others that donated. 






Adverse Weather Conditions


Click here to see the letter in full


Dear Parents/Carers

The winter season is upon us and so we would like to remind you of the procedures that will be followed in the event of adverse weather conditions.  It is highly unlikely that we would close the school but as always, our top priority is the safety of our students.  Below I have outlined the processes that are followed in the event of severe weather conditions.



Please understand that we make the decision to close the school in bad weather based on a careful consideration of a number of factors, some of which include the local road conditions and public transport; how long the period of bad weather is likely to continue and the condition of the school grounds and buildings etc. 


Parents/Carers will be notified of a school closure through various channels, these include:



It is highly unlikely that we will close the school after the start of the school day.  However, if conditions get worse during the day, we may need to have an early dismissal.  If this is the case we will attempt to contact and give adequate notice to all parents/carers first.  It is important during any period of adverse weather that parents/carers monitor the school website and schoolcomms for notifications and updates.


Although the staff and I do our absolute best in this process, we know that often no perfect decision exists.


We hope that this explanation helps everyone understand the process that we use during periods of severe weather to make the best possible decision for all the students in our care.


Yours faithfully







End of Term Arrangements - Tuesday 20th December 2016


Christmas Dinner will be served in the Canteen on Thursday 15th December.

Students should book their place with the Canteen.

Please note that no other food will be available that day.


2016 Exam Certificates


2016 Exam Certificates are ready for collection from the Data Office in the Kent Building.

Mrs Haskell will be in school for the 6th Form parents evening on Thursday 1st December and certificates can be collected then too.


The Adopt a School Pilot, the story so far


The Adopt a School Pilot, the story so far



 The North School was approached by the IGD a research and training charity back in the spring with the opportunity to get involved in the  Adopt a School Pilot, the aim being an opportunity for companies and schools to trial out different initiatives and build impactful relationships which help students develop employability skills.   The local company the school has been adopted by is Premier Food.  They have thirteen different sites one being based in Ashford where their factory produces a range of dry food products such as Batchelor’s Cup-a-Soups.


The initial session agreed upon was to work with a group of Year 10 students supporting them with the writing of their CV and interview techniques.  Premier Foods brought a team from their Human Resources Department to run a morning session, students were encouraged to engage in a number of activities getting them to think about themselves, their skills and abilities and how these impact on the interview process.


More recently the Innovations Team based at Ashford have started working with our year 13 Business Studies students, the team came into the school and gave a very detailed presentation on how the company reacts to competitors in terms of market research, innovation, product development and launch of new lines.  Students where then given a business challenge to work on based around how they would react in such a situation and the process they would undertake to launch their own new product.  The team return to the School along with representative from the IGD in December where the students will present their ideas, they will be judged on the marketing process they followed and the new product idea.


The feedback from all involved in these initial sessions has been extremely positive and we look forward to continuing its success in developing more opportunities.



Business and Finance: Careers - RAF Roadshow


RAF Roadshow

On 7th November 2016 year 8 students were visited by the RAF and watched a presentation on 'Fun with Flight' a jet fuelled presentation exploring the physics of flying.  Students discovered how the physics they study in the classroom is an integral part of the work that engineers undertake in the RAF and other engineering organisations.

Using exciting demonstrations, students took part in some literally jaw dropping experiments. Drones, balloons and even jet engines were explored.


Online Appointment Booking For Parents Evening


The school has introduced a new intuitive and easy to use online appointment booking system for parents’ evenings. This new system allows you to choose your own appointment times with teachers online and you will then receive an email confirming your appointments.
We are confident this will be an improvement to the previous system and welcome any feedback.

To view the whole document click here


Sixth Form Open Evening


Sixth Form Open Evening

Thursday 17th November 2016: 5.00pm to 8.00pm
A presentation will be held at 5:15pm & 7.15pm in the Kent Hall


  • 2016 saw the best vocational results the school has seen as well as maintaining our strong performance in academic courses.
  • Students in the sixth form learn well in all subjects….Teaching is effective and students make good progress.’ Ofsted 2015
  • Extensive & broad curriculum meeting the needs of the future workforce and higher education.
  • Exceptional facilities include: Basketball Academy, Farm & Sixth Form Centre.


9E4's Sponsored Run


During the lunch period today, one form group from The North School braved the chilly temperatures in their trainers to run in aid of the Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association. This was 9E4’s second fundraiser for the charity, which supports people living with PSP – a terminal neurological condition that can affect balance, vision and swallowing amongst other things. Last month’s bake sale raised an admirable £50 but this lunchtime saw the bar raised, with more than £500 worth of sponsorship collected so far. Members of both the school and local community have been generous of time and spirit to raise money for a cause close to their hearts; even form teacher Jessica Langston and Vice Principal Matthew Hake dug out their running shoes.


With a large part of the year left to go this form are ambitious to keep fundraising for a charity that supports more than 4000 people a year in the UK; there are already future events being discussed and a total target of £1000 has been set.


9E4's Sponsored Run


At lunch time today (11/11/2016), a sponsored run organised by Miss Langston and her 9E4 students has been arranged.  Both Miss Langston and Mr Hake are joining in on the run on the all-weather pitch starting at 12:25pm. This is to raise awareness and money for the rare terminal brain disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, there is still time to sponsor, there will be collection buckets at the run if you wish to donate.  They have already raised well over £500 and their target is to get up to £600 if possible.

PSP Sponsored Run - November 25th 2016


Year 8 Parents Evening - 10-11-2016


Year 8 parents evening will be taking place Thursday 10th November 2016, 16:00-19:00


Year 11 Saturday School


We are pleased to confirm the following subjects will be running on Saturday 5th November in the Ashford Block.  Students should register on arrival by 09.00hrs.

Attendance is important as Saturday Schools offer focused and targeted support with coursework and exam preparation.

  • BTEC IT in EF4 with Mr Willerton.
  • GCSE PE in Sports Hall and SP1 with Ms Kray and Ms Jupp.
  • English with Mrs Martin, Mrs Stevens and Ms Koselj in Ashford.
  • Science (Physics Core) with Mr Smith in Ashford.



Start of Term 2


The start of term 2 is on Monday 31st October 2016


October Half Term Revision Classes


Click here to see the full list of revision classes that are running over the October half term.


Exam Date Information


Exam Information Oct/Nov 2016


English 0522 IGCSE Resit  Kent Hall

31st October 2016 0900


Maths J567 Resit Kent Hall

2nd November 2016 0900 Paper 1

4th November 2016 0900 Paper 2


Modern Foreign Languages: North School Buddy Programme


This July The North School hosted a group of students from China. The Chinese students were buddied with a North School student and followed their timetable throughout the week. It was an excellent opportunity for our students to learn about different cultures, compare school in the UK and China and make new friends. Thanks to all students who took part and made this another successful buddy programme.









Just a reminder that all students are expected to be in full uniform including a blazer.  CMDL are expecting a delivery of boys blazers on Tuesday and currently have most girls sizes in stock.  Pages have all sizes available in both boys and girls.  Thank you for your support with this.


Year 6 Open Evening and Morning Tours


We have pleasure to announce that our Open Evening will be held on Wednesday 5th October 2016 between 5.00pm to 8.00pm for students in Year 6 transferring into secondary education in September 2017.

We look forward to welcoming you to The North School where you may explore our classrooms and view subject displays and students’ work.  Families are invited to explore the school at their leisure or alternatively be shown around by one of our enthusiastic Year 7 student guides. 

During our Open Evening there will be two presentations by Mrs Hodges, Headteacher, at 5.30 and 6.30pm in the Kent Hall. 

In addition to the Open Evening, we also recommend that you come and look around during a normal school day with your child and tours will be held at 9.00am from Monday 10th October 2016 to Tuesday 18th October 2016 (inclusively).

Please contact our Main Reception (01233 614600 or email for further information or if you would like to book onto the Open Evening and/or Tour. 


GCSE success


Ashford’s North School has praised the dedication of staff, the support of parents and the determination of its students after achieving its best ever set of GCSE results.


The North has seen what Headteacher Nicki Hodges described as “a huge improvement” in results across the board, with one vital indicator doubling over the past year.  She praised the “colossal” efforts of staff and “100 per cent buy in” from the current cohort of GCSE students, who more than doubled last year’s haul of A* to C grades in English and Mathematics by taking it to 54 per cent.  She believes one of the success factors is that this was the first group of students to benefit fully from a new approach to learning introduced after the established team at The North started working closely with the Swale Academies Trust.  “The Trust was brought in to help the school out of special measures, something that it achieved in record time. The current cohort benefited from a new approach, worked incredibly hard over the two years and took responsibility for working at home as well as at school.  There are six periods during the normal school day but we introduced ‘period seven’, optional after-school classes which most of the year elevens attended - and the results speak for themselves.  The pupils’ commitment reflects on the staff, as well, of course, as each of the extra sessions meant a teacher staying late. I am proud of the way the whole school has worked so hard to deliver such excellent results.”


The percentage of pupils achieving five A* to C grades including English and Mathematics also improved dramatically, rising to 46 per cent this year and making it far and away the best set of results The North School has seen.


Among the many pupils who did exceptionally well were Jasmine Baker (5As, 4Bs, 1C), Charlie Barden (4As, 5Bs, 1C), Rosie Driscoll (4As, 6Bs), Adam Frudenberg (3As, 6Bs, 2Cs) Sonam Gurung (2A*s, 1 Distinction*, 4 As, 4 Bs) Josh Dodd (3As, 7Bs), Kathryn Hobbs (4As, 5Bs, 1C), Haydyn Martin (2As, 7Bs, 1C) and Salina Rai (1A*, 4As, 4Bs).


Mrs Hodges said The North offered a range of Level Two Courses, A Levels and vocational subjects, as well as a high retake success rate that could make it a good choice for students looking to get back on track.  “The North also offers great careers advice, which combined with good vocational courses and impressive academic teaching, make it a good choice for young people post-16.”


See below our coverage from KMFM:

LIVE: GCSE results day in Kent 2016

Interview with North School students picking up their GCSE Results 2016












Students celebrate North School success


Students celebrate North School success

Sixth formers were smiling today as The North School recorded another year of sound post-16 examination results to build on the Ashford high school’s recent success.

The school prides itself on its high academic standards as well as its broad curriculum, and sixth form pupils have achieved considerable success in recent years.

This year saw notable improvements in the development of vocational qualifications in which the average result is a ‘merit +’ which is equivalent to a high C grade at A Level.

AS results at the North were also up significantly in all grades, with an impressive 15 per cent improvement in A to C grades. A2 also saw an improvement in overall pass rates. with Mathematics and Finance among the subjects where students did particularly well.

Headteacher Nicki Hodges said the results represented “a great deal of hard work and dedication by pupils, parents and our highly committed staff”.

She added: “We have a good reputation at The North for academic success in the sixth form, particularly in Mathematics, English, Law, Film Studies and Engineering, while offering a broad range of Level 3 vocational subjects as well.  Notable successes in this area included Applied Science, Sports, Health and Social Care, Business and Public Services.”

A record number of student from the North have received offers of university places based on their sixth form success.

Looking ahead to next Thursday’s GCSE results, Mrs Hodges added: “We also have a very high retake success rate and offer a range of Level 2 courses that can help get students back on track if they want to continue to do A Levels despite missing out next week.

“The North also offers great careers advice, which combines with good vocational courses and impressive academic teaching to make it a good choice for young people post-16.”



Food technology muffin bake winners


Food technology students have been perfecting their muffin baking skills.  Year 9 were challenged to develop a unique muffin flavour and their own recipe.  They trialed and developed the recipes over 3 weeks, constantly improving and developing the flavour, presentation and quality of bake.  The final was judged by a professional chef.  The standard of entry was really high with outstanding products from the whole group.  The winners Logan, Tia and Danielle (from left to right) were rightly proud of their creations.  Well done.

Muffin use crop.jpg


The Creative Collective


The North School are proud to be part of the ArtiGras Festival being held in Ashford's Park Mall on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st May from 10am to 5pm.

We shall be exhibiting artwork and supporting this exciting, new artistic venture in Ashford.

Please come along and enjoy.


Year 12, 13 & 14 Public Exams Procedure


This protocol has been written to guide teachers, students, parents and administrative staff in the procedures during the Public Examination period. Click here to read the full document.


UK Junior Maths Challenge


The UK Junior Maths Challenge took place today (Thursday 28th April).

Thirty students from Years 7 and 8 took part in the Challenge.

The Challenge involves answering 25 multiple choice questions in an hour.

The top 40% of students nationally receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate in the ratio 1:2:3 and the highest scorers in the country could be invited to participate in a further competition.

Looking forward to receiving the results in three weeks – Good luck!

Miss Bailey


The Carnegie Shadow Reading Group


If you are in Year 7 and interested in reading, you are invited to join Ms Burton’s Group.  Supported by Year 12 A Level Literature students, the Group meet in an informal atmosphere to read and discuss books on the short list for the 2016 Award, write reviews, blogs and explore the website.

We enjoy drinks and biscuits but most importantly we love to talk about books that we take pleasure in or inspire us.  We are all avid readings and many students are reading their second or third books after a month and relishing the experience. 

You can follow us via the website, follow the link and search for The North Shadows in the group section.  Please read along with us and let us know your favourite book. The winner will be announced on Monday 20th June 2016.

Short List:

Fire Colour One by Jenny Valentine

Five Children on the Western Front by Kate Saunders

The Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick

The Rest of us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley

There Will Be Lies by Nicki Lake

One by Sarah Crossan

The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge


‘The Beatles Event’ at The Creative Collective, Ashford


The North School was honoured to be invited to exhibit students’ artwork for ‘The Beatles Event’ at The Creative Collective in Park Mall, Ashford during March 2016.

Two walls were dedicated to the School, which included forty three portraits from Year 7 and 8 students.  All pieces were judged and First, Second and Third prizes were awarded on the Opening Night by the Mayor of Ashford, Councillor Geraldine Dyer.

The Creative Collective is an exciting initiative for Ashford and The North School are hoping to develop a long-standing and artistic relationship with the Collective.  We wish this venture every success for the future and highly recommend a visit.


Parent Governor Election


I am writing to invite you to consider standing for election as a parent governor for this school or to nominate another parent to do so.

As you may know, every Kent school has a governing body that includes a number of categories of governors including parent governors.  All schools have between one and seven parents (depending on their type and size) who are elected to serve for a four-year period, though they may resign at any time.  

To read more click here.

Nomination forms for parents.



The North School Spring Fair


The annual Spring Fair was once again a huge success and was attended by hundreds of local people. Visitors had the opportunity to look around the farm at the calves, sheep, goats and small animals as well as taking part in games including a coconut shy. There was a BBQ and refreshments too. Money raised from this event will go back into the farm to allow us to continue the great work we do with our animals, students and local community.

News Cover sized.jpg IMG_1089.jpg

IMG_1068.jpg IMG_1107.jpg

IMG_1079.jpg IMG_1078.jpg

IMG_1074.jpg IMG_1101.jpg

IMG_1093.jpg IMG_1084.jpg

IMG_1065.jpg IMG_1080.jpg

IMG_1068.jpg IMG_1099.jpg

IMG_1095.jpg IMG_1088.jpg

IMG_1082.jpg IMG_1076.jpg

IMG_1075.jpg IMG_4674.jpg

IMG_4675.jpg IMG_4667.jpg

IMG_4672.jpg IMG_3867.jpg

IMG_3841.jpg IMG_3865.jpg



Amendment to Term Dates






TERM 1  : 



First day of school:


Last day of school:


Staff Development Day:





Wednesday 31st August 2016


Tuesday 18th October 2016


Tuesday 30th August 2016 (No Students)


Weds 19th October to Fri 28th October 2016


TERM 2  : 



First day of school:


Last day of school:




Monday 31st October 2016


Tuesday 20th December 2016


Weds 21st December 2016 to Tues 3rd January 2017



TERM 3  : 



First day of school:


Last day of school:





Wednesday  4th January 2017


Friday 10th February 2017


Mon 13th February to Fri 17th February 2017


TERM 4  : 



First day of school:


Last day of school:


Bank Holidays:




Monday 20th February 2017


Friday 31st March 2017


Friday 14th & Monday 17th April 2017


Mon 3rd April to Mon 17th April 2017



TERM 5  : 



First day of school:


Last day of school:


Bank Holidays:




Tuesday 18th April 2017


Friday 26th May 2017


Monday 1st May & Monday 29th May 2017


Tues 30th May to Fri 2nd June 2017



TERM 6  : 



First day of school:


Last day of school:


Staff Development Days:




Monday 5th June 2017


Friday 21st July 2017


Monday 3rd  & Monday 24th July 2017 (No Students)


Tues 25th July 2017 - to be confirmed.



A further two Staff Development Days are yet to be confirmed.



Parent Forum Meeting


The next Parent Forum meeting will be held at 6-7pm on Monday 18th April 2016.


The North School Farm Spring Fair


Saturday 16th April 2016 10am to 4pm.

BBQ, Refreshments, Tombola, Raffle, Climbing Wall, Stalls & Games.

Cows & Calves, Ewes & Lambs, Goats, Small Animals.

Adults £2.00, Children £1.00.


Term Date - Amendment


It has come to our attention that there was a typing error relating to the half term dates on the Newsletter that went home with your child last week and we apologise for this error.


Please kindly note the following dates:

Term 5 ends on Friday 27th May 2016

Term Break dates are from Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June 2016.

Term 6 Starts on Monday 6th June 2016






Please note that school will finish at the normal time of 3.00pm on the last day of Term 4.


We shall return on Monday 11th April.


Getting ready for 6th form


Sixth Form interviews are currently underway.  All of year 11 will be receiving an interview during term 3 or 4 with either Mrs Matthews, Head of Sixth Form to discuss courses and entry requirements for the Sixth Form or Mrs Lamberton to receive support and guidance on apprenticeships and college programmes.


Farm News


The North School Young Farmers Club exhibited livestock at the Ashford Cattle Show on Monday 30th November.

We took three cattle and six lambs from the farm and came home with our best results to date. The lambs were shown in pairs and we achieved a first place and two second places in classes of up to ten exhibits. We also had some fantastic results in the lamb young handlers classes including a first place, two second places and a third place. Holly Fuller went on to win Champion Young Handler. Well done Holly.

Our students also did extremely well in the cattle classes, gaining a first, second and third prize. Grace Kent exhibited a calf in the Young Handlers class and achieved first place. Grace then went on to win Reserve Champion. Excellent work Grace.

All the students worked really hard and showed really good teamwork whilst at the show. Well done to everyone who contributed to this successful event.


Maths Challenge


On Thursday 5th November a number of our Sixth Form students took part in the UKMT Senior Mathematics Challenge. This is an individual problem solving challenge targeting the top 30% of mathematics students nationwide. The top performing student for 2015 was our very own year 12 student Massimo Intini. Our congratulations go to Massimo  Well Done. Other certificates were earned by our year 13 students Chris McLennen, Matt Cox, Matt Boulding, Jake Allcock and Lewis Bradford.This represents the largest SMC certificate haul ever for The North School!

"The UK Maths Challenge is a great way to challenge your maths skills. I really enjoyed doing it and would love to do it again." - Matt Boulding.

"The maths challenge was enjoyable and I would recommend it for any aspiring mathematicians, especially those intending to do A level maths." - Matt Cox.



December Newsletter


The December 2015 issue of the school newsletter is now available. In this issue, read about the Ashford Cattle Show, Young Farmers' Club Awards Night, the UKMT Senior Mathematics Challange, and much more! Please click for more.