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Welcome to the North School.  Our aim is to maximise the potential and future life chances of all our pupils supporting each of their strengths, interests and goals.  Whilst our school has modern buildings, excellent resources and facilities we believe our biggest strengths are the students and the staff who support them. We have extremely high expectations both inside and outside the classroom.  We have a traditional ethos centred around our belief that students should be able to learn in a well ordered and engaging environment and that they should attempt all their work to the very best of their ability.  We are proud to collaborate with the Swale Academies Trust and together we work relentlessly to continually improve the school experience for all our pupils.  

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Sports Awards 2017 Intro Video

The North School 2017 Sports Awards Evening Intro Video - Spoiler: Guest Stars Mrs. Hodges, Mr. Robbins and Miss Kray


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Collaborate! Huge Success for The North School

Swale Academies Trust Art Competition, Community College Whitstable


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Sports Awards Evening

With Guest Speaker Will Bayley MBE, Table Tennis Paralympian Gold Medallist


Headteacher's Welcome

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the school.

Our Values and Ethos

At the school we value the importance of continuous school improvement and learning for both our staff and students. We recognise that people have different strengths and interests and aim to provide opportunity to further them where possible. As a result of our recent improvements we ensure that we always put achievement first. We ask that students have high expectations of themselves and commit to this ethos.

The message we give to our students is;

  1. Always try your very best
  2. Always respect other peoples’ right to learn
  3. Treat others as you would wish to be treated
  4. Arrive to lessons on time and ready to learn

Curriculum and Pastoral Care

The North School prioritises both the academic and pastoral care of our students ensuring that we provide robust systems and high expectations of achievement and behaviour.

There are three communities within the school that put the student at the heart of everything we do. These communities are Essella, Mabledon and the Sixth Form. Within each community there is a Principal, Vice Principal, two learning leaders, two pastoral support managers and also their tutor. This creates a dedicated team around the child that provides an effective platform for learning, self-improvement and academic success.

Each child will follow a well-designed curriculum covering six lessons a day. The teachers and subject leaders work closely to monitor each student to ensure that they make good progress in lessons, emphasise the quality and quantity of work they do and always look to see how we can help the student improve further. Students are set according to ability in academic subjects to ensure that we can provide the best support for them. We run a grammar stream that enables the higher ability students to achieve their high aspirations and your expectations.

We are proud of the improvements that we have made over the last couple of years and work very hard to further this level of improvement. We ask that all out staff, students and parents support us in this vision, by putting achievement first.




  • GCSE North Wales Field Trip Residential


  • GCSE North Wales Field Trip Residential


  • GCSE North Wales Field Trip Residential

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